Nothing is more important than the safety of our employees and our community. ASRC maintains rigorous safety standards and is dedicated to ensuring all employees and manufacturing processes adhere to those standards.

  • ASRC invests approximately $400,000 each year on training and upgrades of safety and emergency-response equipment
  • Approximately 20 employees per shift are dedicated to safety and emergency response (the ASRC ERT team)
  • ASRC maintains a full supply of safety equipment onsite, including medical van and emergency-response vehicles, and stocked emergency-response building
  • ASRC is a strong supporter of shared community training.  In September 2013, ASRC and approximately 200 “first responders” from local police & fire departments, local ambulance/EMT services, the FBI and Homeland Security all participated in a day-long “disaster training” drill at the plant.  This type of large-scale exercise helps all levels of emergency responders to be better prepared for any type of emergency.

ASRC employees receive extensive training prior to the start of their employment, and during the course of their career with ASRC. Training includes:

  • Job-specific training emphasizes safety, quality-control, environmental impact and continuous-improvement techniques
  • Environmental management training includes the ISO 14001 standard and how employees can participate in the process to ensure ASRC’s environmental objectives
  • All employees receive monthly safety training updates
  • Emergency-response team members attend weekly safety classes, including pre-incident planning, fire protection, first aid and hazmat remediation
  • All contractors must complete safety and environmental training prior to working at the plant

As part of our commitment to our community, ASRC provides use of our facilities for emergency-response training for several public agencies, including:

  • Lake Dreamland Fire District
  • Hazardous-material responder units of the Louisville Fire Department
  • U.S. Department of Defense’s Homeland Security division


Safety Award Winners